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List of 30 Computer Acronyms

2GL Second Generation Languages (Basic, Fortran, Cobol, C, etc.)
3D Three Dimensional (usually refers to graphics, movies, wallpaper etc. created to look as if they are 3 dimensional)
3GL Third Generation Languages (Pascal, C++, QBasic, etc.)
BIT BInary digiT
CD Compact Disk (Holds approx.630 Mb of info)
CD – DA Compact Disk – Digital Audio
CDDA Audio File in AIFF format
CD-R Compact Disk Recordable (drives that write (or burn) information to a CD)
CD-ROM Compact Disk – Read Only Memory
CD-RW Compact Disk – Re -Writeable (can be used or written to more than once)
CHAT Conversational Hypertext Access Technology (“talking” in real time over the internet)
CPR Central Processor Recovery
CPS Clusters Per Sector (depends on the OS, AND the size of the disk partition)
cps Characters Per Second
CPU Central Processing Unit
DHTML Dynamic HyperText Markup Language
DIMM Dual In-line Memory Module (new processors or RAM slots hooked together)
.doc DOCument (file format extension used by word processors such as MS Word)
DRI Digital Research Incorporated
DVD Digital Video (or Versatile, Virtual) Disk (New CD technology that holds 4.3 – 17 Gb depending upon format)
HD 1. Hard Disk 2. High Density (type of disk format)
HDA Head Disk Assembly (terminology for drive construction)
HDML Handheld Device Markup Language (code for PDA’s)
HP Hewlett Packard
MMC Multi – Media Cloaking (frees memory for other applications)
MMCD Multi – Media Compact Disk
MMS Microsoft Merchant Server
MMS Microsoft Membership System
MMU Memory Management Unit
MODEM MODulate / DEModulate
MSD MicroSoft Diagnostics (program that comes with DOS)
SD Super Density (a type of format for new DVD disks that allows up to 17 Gb of data to be stored on one CD)
USB Universal Serial Bus (another bus architecture-reference SCSI – allows hot swaps of devices, and runs on low power (bus voltage) but slow data transfer compared to the SSA and FC-AL ports)



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